What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of Data Science in which computers are trained to perform tasks and solve problems like a human. By using AI technologies, programs and robots are created that have the ability to think like humans and also mimic human actions according to their capability.

It depends upon the algorithm and techniques used in ML (Machine learning) and DL (Deep Learning). It follows the rules & techniques of Stats and math. They start feeding the data into computer programs to train them on how to perform tasks and solve a problem that required human intelligence.

There are basically 3 main types of AI

They categorized them according to their capacity to mimic human intelligence.

    1. Week AI
    2. Strong AI
    3. Super AI

Week AI: It is also called the narrow AI. It can’t perform tasks beyond the imitations. Their abilities to perform tasks with a narrow range.

Strong AI: It can perform tasks as same as human capability. It can learn & understand any task or problem as a human being can.

Super AI: It is a superintelligence. It can perform tasks & solve problems much better than human intelligence.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in human life?

AI is providing its services in every field. AI is making human lives easier and more efficient every day. In our daily lives, we commonly use Narrow AI (weak AI) like we are getting the recommendation on the basis of our searches.

We are using different artificial intelligence software in our daily lives. For example, we are using voice assistants, face lock/unlock, voice lock, biometrics, navigation, and smartphone apps. It also provides services in feeds of different social media platforms, smart cards, audio-video streaming, health-related apps, education-related apps, and face filters. There are many more applications like translation apps, weather forecasting apps, banking apps, transportation & manufacturing sector, energy sector, commodity sector, etc.

Many artificial intelligence robots & machines take over the dangerous tasks of saving human lives like mining. It reduces human errors and gives a boost to human creativity. Simply AI provides the application in every field also addressing their issues in development. It provides a wide range of AI applications and AI solutions that help them collect raw data, analyze data, clean data, and prepare data to provide the use full information.

Why AI is important in Energy and commodity sectors?

Artificial intelligence is important in every field nowadays but, when it comes to the energy and commodity sector it’s not only important it become the core need of these two fields.

Energy Sector

If we talk about the energy sector AI assists us in monitoring, collecting data, controlling, evaluating, and managing energy consumption everywhere. It reduces risk, cuts waste of energy, reduces cost, controls usage of & reduces in during peak hours, increases the use of renewable energy sources, and detects the defect or failure in the equipment before it occurs. It also helps to improve the planning, operation & control of the power system.

In grids by using AI, companies get a better forecast and manage their grids also schedule maintenance for their power grids. By using Artificial intelligence technologies in energy systems companies, they can collect data, identify their patterns and get insight into their data. Forecasting helps them to improve system performance and give possible model outcomes. So, they learn from their past experiences.

Commodity Sector

If we talk about the commodity sector AI assists us to manage risk and commodity forecasting. It helps make decisions better & faster in purchasing & selling, budgeting more accurately, controlling costs, predicting risks, and predicting opportunities.

AI technologies help to improve the overall agriculture industry quality & accuracy. It helps in detecting pests & diseases in plants and evaluates poor nutrition of farms. There are a lot of AI sensors that can detect and target weeds for farmers can easily decide which herbicide applied in which region.

Agriculture AI robots significantly increased in production of yields. AI Robots help in the automation of field activities and save farmers time on dull. They are used mostly for harvesting & picking, weed control, seeding, mowing, pruning, spraying, and thinning.

Best Application of AI in the Energy Sector?

There are many applications that are already used worldwide in the energy sector. Let’s take a look at how many AI applications are already in use:

  1. Smart Grid
  2. Grid security
  3. Grid Management
  4. Increased Production
  5. Predictive Analytics
  6. Energy Storage
  7. Energy Trading
  8. Power theft and Energy Fraud Detection
  9. Microgrids
  10. Customer Engagement
  11. Optimizing Energy Production and scheduling
  12. Asset Tracking and maintenance/ Digital Twins
  13. Defect Detection
  14. AI-led Cybersecurity
  15. Workplace Safety
  16. Emission Tracking
  17. Logistics Network optimizations
  18. AI Led Inventory Management
  19. Optimized procurement
  20. Reducing Equipment Downtime
  21. Preventive Maintenance
  22. Intelligent Resource Management
  23. AI-powered Consumption (Smart Power)
  24. Fault Perdition
  25. Management of renewable energy sources
  26. Maintenance facilities by Image Processing
  27. Energy Efficiency decision making
  28. Demand Management for Energy
  29. Prevention of losses due to informal connection
  30. Infrastructure Management for Energy and utilities

Best Application of AI in the commodity Sector?

Let’s have a look at the AI Applications and AI robots that are used in commodity sectors:

  1. Price Forecasting
  2. Risk Management
  3. Supply Chain Modeling
  4. Weather Forecasting
  5. Soil and crop health monitoring system
  6. Analyzing crop health by drones
  7. Precision Framing and Predictive Analytics
  8. Agricultural Robotics
  9. AL-enabled system to detect pests
  10. Insect and plant diseases detection
  11. Livestock Health Monitoring
  12. Intelligent spraying
  13. Automatic Weeding
  14. Aerial survey and imaging
  15. Produce grading and sorting
  16. In the future Farmers as AI engineers
  17. Weather Forecasting
  18. Health Monitoring of crops
  19. Disease Diagnosis
  20. Precision Farming
  21. Driverless tractors
  22. Improving ROI

What Tools we are providing in Energy and commodity sector?

Odyssey Analytics provides AI tools for the energy and commodity sector. It is an energy & commodity software consulting company.

Let’s have a Look

Odyx Yhat:

Time Series Forecasting for Everyone!

It’s a phenomenal tool for non-tech decision-makers and data scientists to simplify time-series data forecasting. With the no-code approach, users have the capabilities to streamline the whole, complex task into easy, understandable procedures. The user can clean, prepare, analyze, train, simulate & forecast data to get in-depth Insights from time-series data. It’s the automation from complex Data engineering processes to running advanced Machine Learning models.


  • Automatic model selection for accurate forecasting & anomaly detection.
  • Connects with any type of data source (third-party database, APIs interface, or simply upload raw data).
  • Provides accurate in-depth insights from your data.
  • Assists in making profitable decisions by deploying productionized forecasting models.
  • Deploys productionized models with a No-Code approach.

Odyx Agrilytics

Innovate the world with Agriculture Forecasting!

Odyx Agrilytics is designed to predict the probability of customer churn or retention. It provides a deep analysis of customer behaviors & predictability to retain customers. It understands the growth behavior & forecasts soft commodity prices which ultimately assists with winning contracts. Odyx Agrilytics includes modules for Transportation Optimization and Risk Management.


  • Predicts the probability of customer churn or retention
  • Deep analysis of customer behaviors
  • Growth behavior analysis
  • Predictability to retain customers
  • Soft commodity prices forecasting for winning contracts
  • Modules for transportation optimization and risk management
  • Users can simulate any business scenario by tweaking input features.


By using AI technologies, we can get the best, most accurate & fastest forecasting. The basic purpose of AI is to provide systems, robots, applications, programs, and solutions that act like human intelligence to help humans. There are a lot of applications already in use worldwide on a different platform.  In the commodity and energy sector, AI has an important role. In the energy sector, it helps to monitor, collect data, control, evaluate, and manage energy consumption everywhere. In the commodity sector, AI assists us to manage risk and commodity forecasting. It helps make decisions better & faster in purchasing & selling, budgeting more accurately, controlling costs, predicting risks, and predicting opportunities. We are providing top notch tools to assist your business in the energy and commodity sector. For more details about our tools, you can contact us on 📧 info@odysseyanalytics.net.