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Our Solution For Making Better Business Decisions!

Innovate The World With Agriculture Forecasting!

Odyx Agrilytics is designed to predict the probability of customer churn or retention. Farmers can use this for different types of queries related to weather, market rates, plant protection, contract schemes, quantities of fertilizers, pesticides, or water to be used for plants.

Making Crypto Forecasting Easier!

Odyx Coinx is designed to offer immutability, decentralization, increased efficiency & speed, automation, security & transparency. Takes into account the past values (autoregressive, moving average), and seasonality patterns and predicts future values based on them.

Time Series Forecasting For Everyone!

Odyx yHat is designed to offer accuracy, ease, & usability for conducting Time Series Forecasting on the go. Odyx yHat has been designed to meet the core needs of its intended users seeking a smart way to create as many time series forecasting projects as they want without the hassle of dealing with coding.