Trailblazing Computer
Vision Development Services

Trailblazing Computer Vision Development Services

Let our computer vision solutions guide you

Computer vision comes under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence which has the capability of giving vision to machines. Odyssey Analytics as a computer vision development services provider helps businesses to extract inner insights from visuals and graphics.

Our computer vision & deep learning experts utilize the most recent algorithms to solve complex problems related to object detection and segmentation, image processing, optical character recognition & more.

At Odyssey Analytics, we innovate computer vision solutions for Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunication, Agriculture, Power & Energy companies. Our inventive computer vision services nurturing businesses with use cases such as medical imaging, crop monitoring, yield estimation, Oil Pipelines inspection, traffic monitoring & defect detection.

Inspection of Oil Pipelines

Our machine vision inspection solutions edge Oil & Gas businesses with defect inspection, system irregularities & functional flaws.

AI Image Processing

Develop customized computer vision solutions to manipulate digitally encoded image data, enhance quality & information extraction that meet business objectives in no time.

Object Detection

We provide image classification, object detection and segmentation solutions such as Edge detection segmentation, Region-based segmentation & Mask R-CNN.

Emotion Detection Analysis

Get facial emotion detection for better sentiment analysis on images datasets. In addition, our computer vision development services help artificially intelligent systems to decode human interaction.

OCR Services

We as a computer vision company utilize advanced technologies to extract & digitize physical documents from a variety of sources, saving you time & effort.

GANs Facilities

We provide GANs solutions for computer vision projects by generating never-before-seen realistic simulations to unlock limitless creativity for machines.

Optical Character Recognition & Data Extraction

Odyssey Analytics offers optical character recognition engine and software solutions as computer vision development services to businesses. We oblige in transforming printed or handwritten text documents into editable digital files of any format. As a computer vision company, we segregated the whole OCR process into image acquisition, pre-processing, text recognition, pattern matching & post-processing.

Computer Vision Process we follow

Acquiring image data

Provide visual data files or give access to data via APIs.

Processing the image

Deep analyzing data patterns, sentiment analysis & segmentation.

Acquire intuitive knowledge

Draw insights & available them to stakeholders in plentiful formats.

Computer Vision Process we follow


Acquiring image data

Provide visual data files or give access to data via APIs.


Processing the image

Deep analyzing data patterns, sentiment analysis & segmentation.


Acquire intuitive knowledge

Draw insights & available them to stakeholders in plentiful formats.

Generative Adversarial Network: Face Aging & More

Unlock the secrets of aging with our Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) services. From predicting facial features to creating realistic aging simulations, our cutting-edge technology will re-imagine your approach to age-related research. Besides, we also use generator and discriminator networks on image data to decide how realistic they appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Computer vision development is the process of creating & implementing deep learning algorithms to analyze visual data either images or videos. It involves a combination of deep learning techniques, availability of image data & domain-specific expertise.

We offer multiple computer vision development services, including image recognition, object detection, facial recognition, and video analytics. Our team of experts can also develop custom solutions tailored to your specific business essentials.

Computer vision development can help your business in a lot of ways, such as:

  • Embrace digital transformation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved accuracy & consistency
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities

Computer vision development also leverages businesses to unlock new insights & opportunities by analyzing large volumes of visual data.

The time and cost required to develop a computer vision application depend on various factors, such as the complexity of the task, the size of the dataset & the level of customization required. We can provide custom quotes based on specific requirements.

We can help you integrate computer vision applications with your existing systems through APIs, SDKs & other integration methods. Our team can work with your IT department to ensure seamless integration & minimal disruption to your operations.

Yes, Odyssey Analytics offers maintenance services to ensure that your applications remain up-to-date and fully functional. Our services include bug fixing, performance optimization, and updates to accommodate changes in technology or business needs.

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