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Data Engineering

Reshaping Data Into Meaningful Insights For Your Organization to Grow!

Data engineering converts raw data into meaningful information and insights for organizations. It refines and cleans data to make it useful for organizations. Our data engineering service assists in the exploration and analysis of legacy database systems. Our Data engineering solutions process and transform data on availability, and demand. We load procedures into relational, non-relation, NoSQL, big data, or cloud systems. We provide ELT/ETL data storage in addition. We practice data engineering pipelines with advanced technologies such as DF, Databricks, Synapse, big data orchestration, cloud orchestration, and data management pipelines.

Data Collection

Extraction of structured & unstructured data from streaming & batch sources. Refining & cleaning data
to make it available to data scientists & business users for exploration & analysis on legacy database systems or cloud systems.

Data Pipelines

We use different methodologies including DF, Databricks, Synapse, Informatica & another legacy, Big Data &/or cloud orchestration & data management pipeline. These technologies are used to move, manipulate & store data in batch & real-time.

ELT / ETL Data Storage

Depending on the availability, amount, velocity & type of data. We offer data extraction, processing, transformation & loading procedures into various relational, non-relational, NoSQL, big data systems, &/or cloud storage.

CI/CD Data

Expertise in legacy & cloud-based deployment services. We develop efficient production build & release pipelines based on infrastructure-as-code artifacts, reference/application data, database objects (schema definitions, functions, stored procedure) & data validation.

Modification Of Data

An effective & intelligent method for moving corporate data from on-premises legacy systems to cloud storage infrastructure or new target platforms.

Processing In Real-Time

Expertise in deploying real-time & batch data processing systems in dispersed environments using mobile, web hosting & cloud services. It is the method where data is immediately processed.  As soon as data is entered into systems, it gives processed data as output.

Simplifying Data Management Via Our Data Engineering Consultancy Services

Data is the prime need of every business & we ensure that it remains accessible to different departments of your organization with our data engineering consultancy services.

What your gains are:

Pre-process data from a variety of formats & sources into a uniform format & structure.

It improves compliance by integrating regulatory & market data to synchronize sales & distribution.

Satisfaction/Empowerment of the user & a paradigm of self-service analytics for business users & analysts

Implement batch processing & schedule automation technologies to automate the pipeline for incremental data or the most recent data to be used by the analytics solution.

Increased sales & improved operational efficiency