Powering Digital Transformation with
Holistic Technology Solutions

Enabling Digital Transformation for SMEs with our end-to-end technology solutions helping them adapt to new technology paradigms. Our team develops innovative solutions for their most pressing challenges to facilitate growth in new markets and move them to an industry-leading position.

Future-Ready Your Business with Ingenious Leading Innovations

Odyssey Analytics is an IT consulting firm offering cost-effective AI & ML solutions. We have a team of vetted rockstar
developers specializing in various tech stacks. Whether you need to augment your team’s power or you want to have your
own team of superstars working on your project, we’ve got you covered. With our flexible pricing model, you can start without straining
your budget. We understand that it is about mutual growth. So, we give our best to help SMEs skyrocket their ROI because we grow, when you grow.

Our Services

Our leading AI-based software development & consultancy services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is more than a technology, it is the future. We’re working with simulating human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans.

BI Reporting & Dashboards

Organize large chunks of data for profitable business decisions. Get accurate data insights that support decision-making as our experts assist in collecting, storing, organizing & analyzing data.

Machine Learning

Machine learning helps you to run an efficient business. We’re working on the AI that allows software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without begin explicitly programmed to do so.

Data Engineering

Simplifying data collection, data management, and conversion technologies via our Data Engineering scientists and business analysts to evaluate raw data.

Cloud Computing

Adding unlimited accessibility services through the internet, including data storage, servers, database, networking, and software via Cloud computing.

Talent Solutions

Rendering dedicated experts to complement your existing team for elevated productivity & we also create a dedicated team for a specific project with a commitment of quality to address the technology challenges of enterprises.

About Us

Accelerate Business Growth
with Digital Transformation & Software Innovation!

Odyssey Analytics is a software consulting company focusing on multiple industries including Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Soft Commodities, & Agriculture. Our goal is to enable digital transformation & technology modernization to deliver business objectives. We understand the growing need for SMEs and startups to make their mark fast in this rapidly evolving world. We are a full-stack firm that can assist you through every step of turning your idea into a success story. We empower business transformations that last with next-generation tech solutions and the latest technologies.

What We offer

Record-breaking IT Solutions For Accelerating Business Growth!


Big Data Analytics

We investigate enormous amounts of data to find hidden patterns, correlations & insights. We assist to manage & analyze data sets for strategically guided decisions.

Data Management Services

We provide the process of gathering, organizing, preserving, and keeping data to evaluate it for business choices.

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

It predicts most likely future outcomes for which we provide solutions & suggest how to influence those results.

Data Migration to Cloud

We provide the best method for the process of transferring enterprise data and infrastructure from on-site to off-site.

Augmented Data Solution

We add slightly changed copies of existing data or newly created synthetic data from existing data to expand the amount of data available.

Data Ingestion Solution

We move data from a source to a landing area or an object store, where it can be used for ad hoc queries and analytics.

Data Reporting

We gather and structure raw data before converting it into a usable format for evaluating ongoing business performance and optimization.

Data Visualization

We present information in the form of a chart, diagram, picture, or other visual representation.

Our Products

Our Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions

Transforming the Enterprises by Leveraging Data

Odyx Agrilytics is designed to predict the probability of customer churn or retention.

Odyx yHat is designed to offer accuracy, ease, & usability for conducting Time Series Forecasting on the go.

Why Choose Us

Customized Solutions

We work closely with each of our clients to create, develop & implement strategies that are unique to their organization.

Certified Experts

Choosing us means you are working with the leading certificated experts. Our experts and experience, combined with working knowledge deliver the best results that are practical & specific to the client’s requirements.

24/7 Support

Whether the client requires on-site assistance, technical support, or remote support, our 24/7 support services are available to assure our customers’ success and company productivity.

Odyssey Welfare Trust – We Serve To Change Lives!

Odyssey Welfare Trust is a way for us to give back to the community. We strive to bring a positive change in the lives of the
needy primarily in the education and healthcare sector.


We provide scholarships to deserving students, so they can focus on their education.


We help terminally ill patients by covering their treatment and medical costs.

Accelerating Digital Transformation With Technology!

Get the tailored IT solutions for optimizing the existing ecosystem and streamlining the
enterprise processes to boost productivity!

Technology Partners – Unlocking Possibilities for You

We team up with some of the top-tier technology partners to power your digital transformation.We onboard Technology
Partners for customized solutions to assist achieve your business goals!

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