Global Strategy– What is Staff Augmentation? Hire the Top 2% of Software Talent

Staff augmentation— a rocking trend in today’s businesses innovating the ways organizations operate and hire talent around the globe. Producing results while working remotely is not modernized— 10 years back CEOs, CTOs, and high-profile executives work remotely on vocations or on leaves to service their expertise around the sphere. So, the ideology was coined in the market at that time.

Staff augmentation is a powerful outsourcing strategy for organizational success that manages staff to deliver business objectives

Now the question arises of when businesses need to augment a talented workforce. There is a variety of use cases where resource and staff augmentation services become valuable including:

Top Talent Acquisition

Instead of solely outsourcing your project & investing millions of dollars. Deliver the opportunity to hire world-top software experts who value your in-house team.

Enhanced Team Capability

Develop an innovative strategy for achieving project success by enhancing your project team capabilities.

Strategic Approach

Give direction to your project by hiring talent with a strategic approach for projects.

Centered Skillset

Professionals and experts aligned with your project needs aren’t everywhere. Add value to your project through domain-specific hiring.

Bridge to Hire

Abridge your talent acquisition process via staff augmentation to meet business essentials.

Costs Effective Solution

Talent as a service or Staff augmentation leverage businesses to maximize efficiency and minimize project costs.

Types of IT Staff Augmentation Service

The IT augmentation services can be fragmented into different categories depicting the business model of the underlying company. The staff augmentation of services can be divided into the following categories taking the whole software development cycle into chronology.

On-demand Skilled Developers

This staff augmentation aids companies in hiring on-demand developers according to their software engineering requirements or specific expertise.

Versatile Staff Augmentation For Dedicated Projects

Versatile staff augmentation aims to provide talent that aligns with specific project requirements. It assists in onboarding software developers with evident aptitude or tools.

Outsourcing Solutions For Long-Term

Talent solutions curated according to project complexity, deliverables, and the proper skill set needed to fork out massive projects as demanded. As a substitute for long-term outsourcing projects, augmenting staff is worthwhile for organizations to extend the technical skills of in-house teams.

Short-Term Projects Talent

Hire tech-savvy professionals aligned with short-term projects of almost two years. Organizations hire staff to upgrade their systems to cutting-edge technologies with controlled cost overheads.

Traditional Staffing Providers

Traditional staffing furnishes organizations with teams of development staff for projects on a massive scale.

Staff Augmentation to Businesses: Benefits, Future

Talent as a service also known as staff augmentation, is an emerging service for software organizations. It is a rapidly growing field as software development grows because the existing software industry is worth $593.94 billion. Statista forecasts the current & next five years’ worth of the software industry and the way it’s growing. The overall software industry is expected to grow by $812.97 billion by 2027.

Let’s talk about staff augmentation, leveraging business by providing on-demand talent to meet business requirements.

For instance, you have your own HRMS software to manage your employee records, including attendance, check-in, check-out, and payroll management system. Now, you want to upgrade your system to include a face recognition attendance system. What you will do? Hire an In-house software developer, Right? You need to hire an in-house software developer to upgrade it. In addition, it will also incur some overheads and much more.

So, the simplest and the best solution is to hire remote staff that matches your project essentials without any hassle to hire & manage it. Besides, staff augmentation helps businesses by leveraging the following benefits:

  • Acquire the world’s top talent on demand without any hassle of searching and onboarding.
  • There’s no need to run ads or introduce the best talent referral program. Talent as a service bridges the gap between search, shortlisting, and hiring.
  • Staff augmentation service enables onboarding software developers or data engineers that meet your required skill set from that particular hiring.
  • Forbes quoted the essential factor in any software engineering project is cost. Therefore, profiting staff augmentation as a service helps almost 70% of organizations in cost-saving projects.

Which Staff Augmentation Model Suits You?

Staff augmentation has innumerable benefits because it will result in true talent with fewer efforts. But it has been noted that some business executives and project outsourcing organizations feel uncomfortable with project deadlines.

So, what measures should they carry before they augment staff, or Which model suits them? Alright, just like outsourcing, staff augmentation is divided into three models, i.e. in-country, nearshore, and offshore augmentations. Each model has its own benefits and is obviously easy for project managers to handle long-term projects with exceptional output.

In-country Augmentation

Onboard resources locally according to your time zone, currency rates, native language, and ease of scheduling meetings on-site. It leverages organizations in faster project delivery via prompt communication.

Nearshore Augmentation

In this staff augmentation model, companies hire talent in the same time zone but don’t have any restrictions for a specific country or region. In addition, it has been reported that nearshore augmentation is one of the best strategies for talent acquisition.

Offshore Augmentation

One of the widely used staff augmentation models that prioritize and ensure “Talent that delivers”. Offshore is a successful strategy over time due to the 100% remote facility and high payment rates.

Staff Augmentation as Odyssey Analytics Offering

Staff augmentation as a service is a headline these days where businesses are getting rewards according to their priorities through best talent-hiring, unlike outsourcing where you don’t have control over your project timelines as well as the development process.

Odyssey Analytics is the best software consulting company in the United States that aims to provide the world’s top 2% talent in software engineering. Besides, it specifically provides resources in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning domains where cutting-edge algorithms are introduced for data-driven decision-making.

We augment staff into these domains to deliver excellent services as below:

Software Engineers

Our software engineers are responsible for requirement engineering, software design, software development as well as software testing employing manual and automatic techniques and tools.

Python Developers

We have teams of Python developers who design, code, deploy and debug the right solution for projects. On the server side (or on the back end), we provide organizations with their technological framework.

Data Engineers

Our data engineers develop systems that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts. Our goal is to make data accessible so that organizations can use it for performance optimization.

Cloud Engineers

In addition to designing, planning, managing, and maintaining the cloud infrastructure. Our cloud engineers help with any technical issues that arise in cloud maintenance.

ETL Experts

Our IT specialists design outstanding data storage systems, transform data, and supervise the loading of big data into data warehouses. Further, they test performance & troubleshoot before it becomes live.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists are responsible for analyzing & interpreting massive datasets using statistical and machine learning techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a powerful outsourcing strategy that enables organizations to achieve their business goals through their provisional staff.

What is meant by Talent as a Service?

Hire world top 2% talent on premises aligned to your project needs is said to be talent as a service. These services facilitate businesses to hire a workforce in no time.

What are resource and staff augmentation?

The next level of software outsourcing helps in hiring staff that meets your requirement without investing your time in resource hiring.

What is staff augmentation vs outsourcing?

In software outsourcing companies charge for services and facilities they offer according to the project. While in staff augmentation the overall project control remains in the hands of a company, paying for the workforce only.

What are IT staff augmentation services advantages?

IT staff augmentation has endless benefits for enterprises because it advantages enterprises with top talent can be easily acquired, team capabilities can be enhanced, strategic approaches can be devised, expertise can be centered, and projects can be completed cost-effectively.