Increasing Data Reporting Efficiency via Data Visualization Solutions

Our Client

Odyssey Analytics client is a large E&P company primarily focusing on fuel supply to airlines, shipping companies and key US power suppliers. With a huge global network of corporate clients, their business activities include multiple storage terminals, retail sites, and business relations with large airports across the country. Our client has a large organizational data that is being collected from various oil terminals and depots.


Our client’s huge data repositories were their biggest challenge as their operations expanded. Their teams were constantly facing issues in automating, consolidating, visualizing, and reporting to the executive body using the old data management methods.

Their key concerns were:

  • Manual, error-prone reporting methods that also consume much time
  • Limited data visibility into their oil terminals & depot operations
  • Slow data accessibility across different departments including finance, transportation,
    maintenance, and energy consumption.


Our client’s challenges required immediate application of data visualization via an actionable intelligence method. Odyssey Analytics deployed AWS RDS, AWS IAM, AWS Trusted Advisor & Power BI using our client’s existing database. These reports helped them cater to their variable data accessibility needs on multiple departmental & individual stages. Not only that, our solution helped the client in generating reports for various stakeholders including most relevant KPIs such as:

  • Aviation’s security incident.
  • Transportation exceptions.

The application of Power BI in our solution to the client helped them in making manual amendments in the data at terminals & depot. And Power BI improved reporting and analysis accuracy for our client’s staff, too.


After successfully integrating our solution into client’s data collection and management operations, the client saw significant improvements in their overall functions such as:

  • Higher data accuracy rate
  • Increased capabilities in data ingestion
  • Higher speed on lower costs
  • Buffer-less swift data loading time
  • Automated terminal/requirement-based personalized data visualization reports

Technology Used

    • Kinesis
    • Lambda Functions
    • S3
    • MOngoDB